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Hello! and welcome to my site www.Understand-Schizophrenia.com. I decided to develop this free resource to help patients and carers understand their illness and to provide them with more information on the management of schizophrenia and options available to them when it comes to treatment. It took me a few months to develop all the content - I hope you find it useful. I also published a free book on clozapine. Message me on FaceBook if you would like a copy.

It takes a lot to understand Schizophrenia. As a western society we tend to hide people with Schizophrenia away behind locked wards, high fences and their own private accommodations. There is little social inclusion opportunities. Sometimes planning permissions to build psychiatric hospitals are turned down after locals object to having "crazy people" in their neighbourhoods.

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The media often sensationalise cases involving people with Schizophrenia and portray such people in a very unflattering way. So it is not surprising that the general public do not understand Schizophrenia very well.

So usually the first time you meet someone who has Schizophrenia who is normally close to you, or have been told that you suffer from Schizophrenia it is a very scary and confusing time trying to understand and accept the new label. You go through a range of emotions.

I have compiled a new E-Book which you can request at my FaceBook page. It describes the background, mechanism of action and the management of adverse effects of clozapine. This will arm you will the most pertinent information that you will ever need to know.

I am been involved in the treatment of schizophrenia for the past decade and have witnessed first hand the the effects this illness can have on an individual, their families and their friends. Developing a proper understanding of Schizophrenia can help cope and prepare for the future. My site will talk about how the diagnosis is made, the treatments available and their pros and cons, what to expect in future, and what resources are available to both the patient and the family.

Schizophrenia is unfortunately a very misunderstood illness. Even medical doctors who have not undergone further mental health specialist training feel inadequate in treating patients when they end up in their emergency rooms in a very disturbed psychotic state.

The lay public sometimes hold the erroneous belief that people suffering from Schizophrenia have split personalities or multiple personalities.

So, what is schizophrenia? Please see this link for further discussion if you want to understand schizophrenia.

The term "he/she is a schizophrenic" has become an unfortunate addition to our language and thoughts. You should not lose your identity to an illness. You are still a brother, mother, student, etc and a person who is suffering from a illness which can have a large impact on your life.

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I hope that when you leave this site, you will understand schizophrenia just a bit better.